All Things Warrington

A Hangar at Burtonwood
All Things Warrington profiles the Hop Pole
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Penny Ferry

All About
The Base

From the Adelphi Vaults
to the Woolpack

A profile of the waterway wonder
on Warrington's doorstep

Burtonwood's US Air Force and
Army Base (1940-1993)

A comprehensive directory of
Warrington's oldest watering holes

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Warrington Map
This website aims to chronicle 'all things Warrington' - the people, places, landmarks and fascinating industrial and cultural heritage of my hometown. 

It was only when I started researching my family history I realised how big a part Warrington had played in my life and the lives of my ancestors. As I delved into the past, census records revealed names and occupations I'd never heard of; Street and trade directories listed businesses and addresses long since gone; Baptism registers mentioned churches and religions I never knew existed.

As I discussed my findings with my family, the people and places I'd read about came to life:-
"Stamford Street? That's where your great-grandparents lived."
"St Ann's Church? That's the one at the front of Tesco. Half of your family were baptised there. Did you know it was heated by steam from the local brewery? "

My imagination was fired. All at once, instead of walking past the likes of
Holy Trinity Church or the Barley Mow, I stopped and went inside - the architecture was outstanding (and the ale wasn't too bad either). As my research continued, I discovered Warrington has a long, proud and diverse history that many of its inhabitants, me included, know very little about.

All Things Warrington is a labour of love. It is my apology to my hometown for ignoring its virtues for so long and my attempt to educate myself on its fascinating history. This website is All Things Warrington. I hope it stirs some memories for you.
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All Things Warrington goes Behind Bridge Street
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Surviving Nineteenth
Century Warrington

The life and times of John Tully
b Ireland 1806, d Warrington 1879

Hoagie Wagon
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A homage to
the Hoagie Wagon

One man's lyrical tribute to
a Warrington institution

Warrikin Fair
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The Smiths
of School Brow

Living - and toiling - in Warrington's
industrial heartland for over 160 years

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