All Things Warrington

Warrington people

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A town is nothing without its people. Here are some who have helped make Warrington the town it is today. Some names will be familiar, others not so familiar, but all have a tale worth telling:-

John Tully
Warrington Wally Barnes
Harry Dale
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John Tully

'Warrington' Wally Barnes

Harry Dale

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Bricklayer's labourer & survivor
of 19th century Warrington

Charity worker and
ghost story writer

Music hall entertainer and
proprietor of the Hop Pole Hotel

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George Green
Mike Nicholas
William Beamont
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George Green

Mike Nicholas
(Alive & Kicking)

William Beamont

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Crosville bus driver, laughing
policeman and santa claus

Warrington RLFC 'Enforcer' and
former owner of Wire Wheels Taxis

Attorney, historian, mayor,
philanthropist and life-saver

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Anna Laetitia Barbauld
Mike Nicholas
Mike Nicholas
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Anna Laetitia Barbauld

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Poet, hymn writer, teacher, critic,
and children's author extraordinaire

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In addition to the above detailed biographies, shorter 'mini' profiles of people with Warrington connections can be found throughout All Things Warrington. Discover them as you browse or jump to them quickly using the links below:-

Arthur BENNETT - poet/mayor/antiquarian
John FITCHETT - poet
Harry HAYES - poet/magician/policeman
John HOWARD - prison reformer
Brian PALFREMAN - musician