All of the text (unless stated) and most of the images on this website are the copyright of myself, Andy Green. Provided permission is sought I am generally happy for my text and images to be re-used for non-commercial or educational purposes. Please contact me should you wish to do so.

Images/illustrations that are not my own are either:-

(a) believed to be in the public domain; or (b) where I have been able to obtain it, used with the permission of the copyright holder and acknowledged as such.

Images that are credited to individuals or organisations other than myself should not be used without seeking the permission of the person(s) stated.This website takes a responsible attitude towards copyright. Should you see something that does not have the required acknowledgement please contact me and I will endeavour to put the issue right.

I try to ensure the factual accuracy of the information on this website. If you spot a mistake or have cause to question any content please contact me to discuss. Likewise, if you have any additional information, stories, photographs or ideas you feel would be of interest I would be delighted to hear from you.

Finally, my knowledge of my hometown, although far from complete, is the result of thousands of conversations with family and friends and dozens of museum and library visits. If you haven’t visited Warrington library or museum of late you should do so – they are a fascinating source of information. A big thank you also to Warrington History Society for allowing me to access their archives.

This website would not have been possible without the sterling work of Warrington’s many past and present historians, antiquarians and enthusiasts and I would like to thank them for inspiring me to create this website.

A famous American author once wrote: “History remembers only the brilliant failures and the brilliant successes.” This website hopes to recall for prosterity some of the fantastic in-betweens.

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