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Warrington Pubs

Click on the image to see a map of approximate pub locations.

From the Adelphi Vaults to the Woolpack, taking in the Barley Mow, the George, the Lower Angel, Nags Head and more along the way, below is a list of old Warrington town centre pubs.

If the pub’s name is highlighted in bold italics click on it for further information. The location map on the right may also be of interest.

The date in the ‘Year’ column is the earliest reference I have found to the pub shown. Some pubs are therefore likely to date back even further. A question mark (?) in the Year column denotes a pub that I believe existed but do not yet have specific documentary evidence to back this up. If you can throw any further light on these pubs please contact me.

In order to keep the list manageable, pubs opened in the last decade or two have typically not been included even if they have subsequently closed.

Further down the page is a list of old Warrington district pubs (i.e pubs located outside the town centre).

Old Warrington Town Centre Pubs

Name of Pub, Inn or TavernStreetYear
Adelphi VaultsMersey St1905
AlbionBattersby Lane1893
Admiral Lord RodneyWinwick St1823
Alexandra VaultsScotland Road1905
AnchorNot recorded1794
AngelButtermarket St1794
Barley MowMarket Place1561
Bath HotelSankey St1895
Bay HorseWinwick St1796
Bears PawButtermarket St1794
Bird In HandUpper Bank St1905
Big HorseshoeHorsemarket St?
Black BoyBridge St1825
Black BoyChurch St?
Blackburne Arms/Cock & TrumpetMarket Place1823
BellHorsemarket St1792
Blue BellHorsemarket St1825
Blue LionMarket Place1794
Boars HeadTown Hill1823
Borough ArmsButtermarket St1905
Bowling GreenBridge St?
Bowling GreenLiverpool Rd1825
Brewers ArmsGoldborn St1832
Brewers ArmsStamford St1840
BrickmakersSchool Brow1905
BritanniaScotland Rd1823
British TarWinwick Rd1905
Brown CowMarket Place1823
BullHorsemarket St1818
Bulls HeadChurch St1650
Bulls Head Bridge St1825
Casino ClubButtermarket St1938
Cattle MarketMarket St1905
Cemetery InnManchester Rd1871
Central HotelHorsemarket St1924
CockBridge St1794
Cock & Trumpet/Blackburne ArmsMarket Place1823
Coffee TavernMarket St1924
CommercialBridge St1866
Coopers ArmsBewsey St1924
CorporationMarket Place1858
Cross KeysButtermarket St1871
CrowBridge St1645
CrownButtermarket St1818
CrownFennel St1825
CrownBridge St1895
Crown & SceptreButtermarket St1818
Curriers ArmsButtermarket St1741
DoubleBridge St1866
Duke of YorkNot recorded1794
Eagle & Child Bridge St1825
Eagle InnBridge St1794
Farmers ArmsDallam Lane1905
FeathersBridge St1823
Filecutters ArmsFennel St1905
Fleece Buttermarket St1823
FoxButtermarket St1700
Gardeners ArmsBrick St1905
General WolfeChurch St1823
George & Dragon Sankey St1866
George Inn & Posting HouseBridge St1630
Gladstone ArmsChurch St1905
Glassmakers ArmsBrick St1905
GlobeMarket Place1826
Golden BallPinners Brow1794
Golden Fleece Buttermarket St1794
Golden GroveLyme St1794
Golden HorseshoeHorsemarket St1823
Golden Lion Market Place1794
Good CompanionsManchester Rd?
GrapesHorsemarket St1826
Green DragonBridge St1823
Green ManPowys St1905
GreyhoundDallam Lane1905
GriffinHorsemarket St1794
Hare & Hounds Town Hill1759
Harp & CrownIrwell St?
HiberniaTown Hill1826
Higher AngelButtermarket St1823
Higher Seven StarsBridge St1825
Hop PoleHorsemarket St1823
Hope & AnchorButtermarket St1823
Horse & CrownBridge St1823
Horse & Jockey Winwick Rd1825
HorseshoeHorsemarket St1895
HowleyParr St?
Kings ArmsButtermarket St1823
Kings HeadWinwick St1794
LambBridge St1823
Legh ArmsMarket Place1828
Legs O ManSchool Brow1794
Leigh ArmsMersey St1895
Leyton HewittBridge St1825
Lion HotelBridge St1758
Little HorseshoeHorsemarket St1823
Lord NelsonButtermarket St1823
Lord RodneyWinwick St1858
Lower AngelButtermarket St1823
Lower Seven StarsBridge St1825
Maddocks CommercialSankey St?
Manx ArmsSchool Brow 1871
Market Gate InnMarket Gate?
Marquis of GranbyChurch St1768
Masons ArmsMill St1895
MermaidBridge St1818
MerseyMersey St1905
Midland HotelWinwick St1924
MillstoneMill St1818
MorslandChurch St1465
Moulders ArmsMersey St1871
Nags Head Sankey St1794
NelsonButtermarket St1832
New Golden BallPinners Brow1825
Oak & LionMarket Place1823
Old BallWinwick St1924
Old Blue BackAllen St1759
Old Cheshire CheeseWinwick St1832
Old Coffee HouseHorsemarket St1823
Old CrowFennel St1823
Old CrowBridge St1832
Old FoxButtermarket St1823
Old Golden BallWinwick St1823
Old HorseshoeNot recorded1794
Old House At HomeBarbauld St?
Old Packet HouseBridge St1895
Olive BranchOliver St?
Our HouseButtermarket St1832
Oxford BlueButtermarket St1832
Oxford BlueHorsemarket St1832
Packet House Bridge St1821
Patten ArmsParker St1871
PelicanButtermarket St1858
Pied BullHorsemarket St?
PigeonsNot recorded1794
Prince of WalesSchool Brow?
Public HallRylands St1871
Punch BowlLyme St1794
Queen CharlotteBridge St1794
Queens HotelSankey St1895
Queens HeadBridge St1787
Railway TavernFactory Lane1858
Railway InnMilner St1871
Rams HeadWinwick St1825
Rams HeadHorsemarket St1826
RavenFennel St1828
Red Lion Bridge St1794
Red Lion Winwick St1825
Refreshment RoomsBank Quay1871
Ring O Bells Church St1823
RodneyWinwick St1818
RoebuckBridge St1747
Rope & AnchorButtermarket St1825
RoseDial St?
Rose & CrownBridge St1794
Rose & CrownQueen St?
Royal ArmsUpper Bank St1858
Royal ExchangeMarket Place1794
Royal Court HotelBridge St1924
Royal OakBridge St1662
Running PumpButtermarket St1832
Seven StarsBridge St1794
ShakespearPinners Brow1905
ShakespeareDolmans Lane1871
Shannon & ChesapeakeWinwick Rd?
ShipBank Quay1823
ShipBridge St1823
ShipWinwick St1823
Smiths ArmsLegh St1905
Soliders ReturnPinners Brow1905
Spinners ArmsBridge St1823
Spotted LeopardChurch St1648
St. PatrickButtermarket St1818
Stamford ArmsStamford St1881
StarBridge St1818
Star & GarterBridge St1823
Stonemasons ArmsMill St1871
Strangers ArmsIrwell St?
SunNot recorded1794
SwanBridge St1823
TalbotSankey St1794
Temperance HotelSankey St1895
Theatre TavernScotland Rd1823
ThistleBridge St1700
Three CrownsMarket Place1794
Three Legs Of ManSchool Lane?
Three PigeonsChurch St?
Three PigeonsTanners Lane1825
Travellers RestBank St1832
Travellers RestFennel St1905
UnicornMarket Place1794
UnicornWinwick St1871
Union Coffee HouseUnion St1794
Victoria VaultsMersey St1918
Vine TavernMarket Place1832
VolunteerCockhedge Lane1871
VulcanDallam Lane1905
VulcanDial St?
Waggoners InnButtermarket St1823
Wagon & HorsesButtermarket St1826
WheatsheafButtermarket St1823
White BearBridge St1787
White BoarNot recorded1794
White BullHorsemarket St1794
White HartMarket Place1823
White HartSankey St1823
White HorseMarket Place1794
WoolpackSankey St1794

Old Warrington District Pubs

Name of Pub, Inn or TavernStreetAreaYear
Barry ArmsChurch Lane Grappenhall1895
Bay HorseNot recordedHigher Walton?
Bewsey InnPitt StBewsey?
Blackburne ArmsOrford GreenOrford?
Black BearKnutsford RdLatchford1823
Black HorseOld Liverpool RdGreat Sankey1632
Black LionWilderspool CausewayLatchford1825
Boat House InnNot recordedRixton1871
BoathouseAgden BridgeLymm1874
Bowling Green InnManchester RdHollins Green1825
Bridge Inn London RdStockton Heath1850
Bridge TavernWilderspool CausewayLatchford1823
Bridgewater ArmsCanalsideLymm1850
Broad OakLiverpool RdGreat Sankey?
Brook InnKnutsford RdLatchford1892
Brooklands HotelBewsey RdBewsey1924
Buck InnNot recordedWalton1826
Bulls HeadNot recordedWalton?
Bulls HeadThe CrossLymm1850
Butchers ArmsLiverpool RdGreat Sankey?
Cat & LionTarporley RdStretton?
Causeway HotelWilderspool CausewayLatchford1914
Chapel HouseChapel LaneBurtonwood1825
Chapel HouseLiverpool RdGreat Sankey1895
Cheshire CheeseKnutsford RdLatchford1823
Church House HotelNot recordedLymm1874
Coach & Horses Old Liverpool RdGreat Sankey1895
Coach & Horses Atherton’s QuayStockton Heath1825
Coopers ArmsBewsey StBewsey1823
CrownBooths Hill RdLymm1914
Crown & CushionNot recordedPenketh?
Cuerdley CrossNot recordedCuerdley1895
Dog & DartKnutsford RdGrappenhall1895
Dog & PartridgeManchester RdWoolston1895
Dog & Punch BowlNot recordedLymm1793
Dog InnNot recordedLymm1850
Eagle & Child Hollins GreenHollins Green1825
Farmers ArmsNot recordedFearnhead?
Farmers ArmsRush GreenLymm1914
Fiddlers FerryStation RdPenketh1895
Ferry InnStation RdPenketh1762
FleeceLymm BridgeLymm1874
Fleece Cross StLymm1850
General ElliotLord StCroft1851
General Wolfe InnLord StCroft1824
Golden LionJames StLatchford1858
GreenwoodGreenwood CrescentOrford?
Green DragonMill Lane, HeatelyLymm1850
Hawthorn InnOrford LaneOrford 1924
HermitNot recordedCroft?
HighwaymanManchester RdWoolston?
Horse & Jockey MartinscroftWoolston1895
Horseshoe InnSmithy LaneCroft1869
Imperial HotelBewsey RdBewsey1895
Joiners ArmsLord StCroft1823
Jolly FalstaffBlackbrook SqPadgate?
Jolly TannerStatham AveOrford?
Jolly ThrasherHigher LaneLymm1850
King & QueenPadgate LanePadgate1825
Limerick InnCow LaneBurtonwood1911
Lion & LambLondon RdStockton Heath1858
London Bridge InnLondon RdStockton Heath1874
Longford HotelLongfordLongford1914
Lymm Coffee TavernNot recordedLymm1892
Lymm Conservative ClubWhitebarrow RdLymm1892
Lymm Liberal Club Not recordedLymm1892
Millstone Mill RowLymm1914
Mulberry TreeGrappenhall RdStockton Heath1826
Nags HeadBooths Hill RdLymm1850
NogginWarrington RdRisley1891
Norton ArmsWilderspool CausewayLatchford1823
Old Black SwanManchester RdHollins Green1667
Old Cheshire CheeseKnutsford RdLatchford1871
Old Roan InnKnutsford RdLatchford1910
Orford HotelGorsey LaneOrford?
Packet House Higher WaltonWalton1866
Padgate Stocks InnStation RdPadgate1895
Parr ArmsNot recordedGrappenhall?
Pear TreeBurtonwoodBurtonwood1825
Penny FerryThelwall LaneLatchford1950
Pickering ArmsBell LaneThelwall1832
Pied BullGrappenhallGrappenhall1832
PloughHeath LaneCroft1841
Plough & Railway HotelThe StationLymm1874
PoplarsCotswold RdOrford?
RailwayKnutsford RdLatchford?
Railway ClubBewsey RdBewsey1950
Railway HotelMill Lane, HeatleyLymm1874
Rams HeadChurch Lane Grappenhall1858
Red Lion Not recordedHollins Green1825
Red Lion Warrington RdPenketh1832
Red Lion London RdStockton Heath1826
Red Lion Runcorn RdMoore1895
Red Lion Not recordedWinwick1825
Resolution SloopLiverpool RdSankey Bridges1757
Ring O BellsChester RdDaresbury?
Ring O BellsWilderspool CausewayLatchford1892
Roan CowKnutsford RdLatchford1905
RoseHood LanePenketh?
Rope & AnchorManchester RdWoolston1832
Royal Oak BranchKnutsford RdLatchford1905
Rylands Workingmens Rec. ClubGorsey LaneOrford 1924
Saracens HeadWilderspool CausewayLatchford1825
Saracens Head Not recordedAppleton1832
ShipLiverpool RdSankey1895
ShipChester RdWalton1823
Ship InnSankey CanalWinwick1871
Shovel & BroomNot recordedAppleton?
SloopLiverpool RdSankey Bridges1825
Spa BrookHowson RdOrford?
Sportsmans ArmsNot recordedPenketh?
Spread EagleEagle BrowLymm1874
Stag InnChester RdWalton1858
StarLongshaw StreetBewsey1930
StarStar LaneLymm1874
StocksStation RdPadgate1895
SwanManchester RdHollins Green1825
SwanGolborne RdWinwick1825
ThornGrappenhall LaneAppleton1832
Walton ArmsNot recordedHigher Walton1895
WheatsheafNot recordedGreat Sankey1832
WheatsheafOrford LaneOrford1895
Wheatsheaf InnHigher LaneLymm1914
White HartLower WaltonWalton1832
White Horse Not recordedWinwick1825
White LionManchester RdHollins Green1825
WindmillNot recordedStockton Heath1832
Winwick Working Mens ClubNot recordedWinwick1898
Ye Old Red LionManchester RdHollins Green1825

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